Comedy | Drama | Family | Musical | Romance

Director: Kevin Tancharoen

Writer: Allison Burnett and Christopher Gore

Music: Mark Isham

Premier: 23 September 2009

Length: 107 minutes


Kay Panabaker … Jenny Garrison
Naturi Naughton … Denise Dupree
Kherington Payne … Alice Ellerton
Megan Mullally … Ms. Fran Rowan
Bebe Neuwirth … Ms. Kraft
Debbie Allen … Ms. Angela Simms
Asher Book … Marco
Cody Longo … Andy Matthews
Walter Perez … Victor Taveras
Charles S. Dutton … Mr. James Dowd
Kelsey Grammer … Mr. Martin Cranston
Collins Pennie … Malik Washburn
Anna Maria Perez de Tagle … Joy


Plot: The life of an art high school student can be really exciting, but rough too. Follow these lives for four years, and see how life can be so colorful.

Chit~Chat: I’m a very kind person, so I choose to make the rating so that it will have just one bad rate, one moderate and three good ones. After I watched the film Little Ashes, I was overwhelmed by it and decided to add one more category, one more rate, and this is the “!Must-See-Movie!”. This film will get this best rate. There are some film, and there are really few of them which fill you with energy and you get the feeling that you can really change the world. They put something inside you in motion, and that gives you energy, perseverance and a sense of purpose. These movies are different for everyone, and may even change according to the current state of someone. Since I started this blog this is the second movie reaching this height and i blogged more than 45 movies.

I think this movie is really a “must see”, at least for everyone who is working or learning in the art department. For me, being a actor student, shoves me the other sides of the art school (dance, singing, instruments), and points out many important things. First of all the joy of the arts, secondly the hard work you have to do, thirdly the endurance you have to have to work and to make progress, fourthly the bad side, the dangers of the whole thing, and so on… but most importantly that Fame is not about fame, and life is not about fame, and arts are not about fame. (going to post at the end the monologue of Jenny Garrison about this)

The film itself is very musical, full of colors and power. The dances are making you jump up, the songs touch you, and the lives which you get to follow have so much to teach you. You may be even one of them… The end may be a little sloppy for some, but I think it’s a perfect ending for such a movie (I re watched the ending several times). The young actors are really good and cute 😀

Some things I forgot: I loved how the unnecessary things were just sliced out of the film. There is nothing in plus, not even a street crossing. And that the movie uses a beautiful parallel story telling, which is used not just at the beginning, at the audition part, but at several points in the movie. This method is used for creating contrast. For example between a good an bad contestants or between sad and happy moments.

And here is the promised monologue of Jenny:

“There are some things success is not.

It’s not fame.

It’s not money or power.

Success is waking up in the morning so excited about what you have to do that you literally fly out the door. It’s getting to Work with people you love.

Success is connecting with the World and making people feel. It’s finding a way to bind together people who have nothing in common but a dream.

It’s falling asleep at night knowing you did the best job you could.

Success is joy and freedom and friendship.

And success is


107 minutes of your life worth to offer. Cheer, tears, energy almost guaranteed.


Rating: !Must-See-Movie!


8 responses to “Fame

  1. Thats not the monolouge jenny said the school director said that! Jenny said the one bout divorce!!!!

    • I checked it for you. It’s Jenny, at the end of the film. After the party ends, and Denise has the talk with her parents.

  2. Kedvencem…a musicalek közül(az egyik :p)

    Élő energiatöltet…”when I’m down and feeling blue… there’s a somebody I’m longing to see… and that-a is that-a! …If I walk would you run?… I can catch the moon in my hand.Don’t you know who I am?…” 😀 Azt hiszem,nem tudnám megunni soha…

  3. Nekem egy kicsit sablonosnak tűnt ez a film ,p nem jött át eléggé az a vergődés míg valaki eljut oda ahova akar, s az összekoreografált táncjelenetek meg a rap nem jól illettek… egyszerűen sántított

  4. Visszajelzés: Fame (1980) « Filmek Kavalkádja

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