Director: Chazz Palminteri

Writer: David Hubbard

Premier: 12 September 2004

Length: 96 minutes


Susan Sarandon … Rose Collins
Paul Walker … Mike Riley
Penélope Cruz … Nina Vasquez
Alan Arkin … Artie Venzuela
Marcus Thomas … Jules Calvert


Plot: We are connected to each other, even to people we don’t even know, and Christmas is a very good time to find out about these things…

Chit~Chat: I got me this movie, because i was searching for good movie about Christmas, to watch when I’m at home. This one convinced me that it will be not cheap and sloppy. And it wasn’t. It was full of feelings and surprises. The story was very well built, and it kept surprising me, and touching me with every surprise. I loved “Love actually”, which I saw last year near Christmas. I feared it will be the same, but it was different in some way. Maybe this was deeper… And this one had fever little stories. This can be considered as an advantage or disadvantage too. Penelope’s acting was charming, but Susan Saradon was really mind blowing. I haven’t seen much of her movies, but now i regret that. I liked the ending of the whole movie. It was a new beginning and a very important message: there are miracles, you just have to keep an eye out for them.

Rating: Good.

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