My Life Without Me

Drama | Romance

Director: Isabel Coixet

Writer: Isabel Coixet és Nanci Kincaid (book)

Music: Alfonso Vilallonga

Premier: 10 February 2003

Length: 106 minutes


Sarah Polley … Ann
Amanda Plummer … Laurie
Scott Speedman … Don
Leonor Watling … Ann, the Neighbor
Deborah Harry … Ann’s Mother


Plot: Sarah finds out, that she has just two months left to live. She decides not to tell anyone, but she prepares everything for “her life without her”.

Chit~Chat: One day, I think Sunday, I had so much time, that I sat down in the morning and watched this movie. In the afternoon i watched another one, with blurred this movie a little bit, but I will try to rebuild my thoughts about this one too.

I remember a sentence which I made up for this movie: “This film shows you how beautiful life is, how many things there are for which life is worthwhile, but in a really heart-pressing and sad way”. The story of Ann is the story of a girl with such a great burden which few people could carry. She decides not to tell anyone, doubling her sorrow and pain, and still tries to make the most of the remaining time. The film is beautifully made and the actors are giving their bests.

I heard about this movie from a really dear friend, who told me much about movies, and maybe she was the one who subconsciously suggested me to start this blog. I watched this movie thinking about her, and I hope she’s alright. It was worth it.

The movie walks on a very narrow path between the sorrow of death and the joy of life. I recommend it to everyone.

Rating: Wow, this was amazing…


3 responses to “My Life Without Me

  1. 😀 draga vagy!:)
    jol vagyok..kicsit be vagyok rezelve..holnap lesz egy eleg kemeny vizsgam franciabol..s ugy erzem nem keszultem no;)
    Hamarosan felhivlak:) talan holnap;;) osztan mindent bele az akrobatika vizsgan! ing gatya szakadjon;):P

    • Ha segít akkor én is bevallom, hogy megkönnyeztem és érdekes módon nem akkor mikor számítottam volna rá, hanem valósággal meglepett.

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