Requiem for a Dream


Director: Darren Aronofsky

Writer: Hubert Selby Jr.

Music: Clint Mansell

Premier: 14 May 2000

Length: 102 minutes


Ellen Burstyn Sara Goldfarb

Jared Leto Harry Goldfarb

Jennifer Connelly Marion Silver

Marlon Wayans Tyrone C. Love

Christopher McDonald Tappy Tibbons


Plot: There are many ways you can depend on something, and maybe drugs aren’t the worst. The life of a lonely, old mother, and the life of his son…

Chit~Chat: This film blew me away so intensely like no other film ever before in my life. When I finished the movie I felt that I must go outside and have a walk, or something, I was so full of feelings and thoughts.

I know this movie is a big hit, and very famous, but I didn’t had the chance to watch it till now. Or maybe I was a little afraid. I hope many of you have seen it already, but who didn’t, should! Everything in the movie is amazing: the directing, the visual effects, the cuts, the acting, the sets, the characters, the story, the ending, the morale, the music, etc…

My favorite part was the talk between Harry and Sara. Between a boy and his left alone mother, who strives for an attendance to a tv show. The acting of Ellen Burstyn is so shocking, I have never seen such a great acting.

I feel that every word I write makes the value of the film go away, so i’m gonna finish…

AcademyAwards: Ellen Burstyn was nominated for the best leading actress category, but Julia Roberts got the prize for Erin Brockovich.


Rating: !Must-See-Movie!


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