Drama | Musical | Romance

Director: Rob Marshall

Writer: Michael Tolkin and Anthony Minghella

Music: Andrea Guerra and Maury Yeston

Premier: 3 December 2009

Length: 118 minutes


Daniel Day-Lewis … Guido Contini
Marion Cotillard … Luisa Contini
Penélope Cruz … Carla
Nicole Kidman … Claudia
Judi Dench … Lilli
Kate Hudson … Stephanie
Sophia Loren … Mamma
Stacy Fergie Ferguson … Saraghina


Plot: Movie director, Guido Contini, has seven women and nine problems on his head. Let’s see how he sings his way out of this…

Chit~Chat: Yesterday I went and saw the Pre-Premier of this astonishing musical. Because of Rob Marshall, the director of Chicago, I had many expectations, and the movie didn’t turn out as I expected. It wasn’t worse or less, it was different and good.

The whole movie was a little lumpy, but the parts came together at the end very beautifully. The sliding between the imagination of Guido and the real world was really well constructed and the songs were placed perfectly. Some songs were good, but some were shockingly amazing, like “Be italian” or “Cinema italiano” or “My husband” or “Unusual way” or… oops I think that almost every song was great 😀 When Nicole Kidman starts to sing I almost melted in my seat.

The star-power of this film is so high that it breaks thought the roof. Their acting, their singing are of such a high quality (to say so) that you can’t stand up at the end of the film. The characters them selfs are the story: the directing man, the lost mother, the new “mother”, the true wife, the little mistress, the star actress, the seductive reporter and the first woman. The story comes together with time and end in a blink with a grand finale.

Academy Awards: Was nominated for art design, costume, Penelope for best actress in supporting role, and the song Take it all.

EDIT: I re watched it and I have to state that in my opinion this movie has perfect songs, a perfect opening and ending, and the whole concept of the staging is brilliant.


Rating: Wow, this was amazing… Over and over!


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