American Beauty


Director: Sam Mendes

Writer: Alan Ball

Music: Thomas Newman

Premier: 8 September 1999

Length: 122 minutes


Kevin Spacey Lester Burnham

Annette Bening Carolyn Burnham

Thora Birch Jane Burnham

Wes Bentley Ricky Fitts

Mena Suvari Angela Hayes

Chris Cooper Col. Frank Fitts, USMC


Plot: When Lester meets the classmate of her daughter, he realizes that he hasn’t been living since a long time, and he starts to change things around his life.

Chit~Chat: It’s a drama, but i’ts a drama two the power two. As you will see at the end of the post, this film was highly appreciated by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science, and not for nothing. I’m once more at the point when the movie is so good that I have nothing to say about it.

At the beginning  it starts as a usual american life portraying movie, but when Lester eavesdrops on his daughter and her classmate the movie takes such a big turn that you have to grab something not to fall out of your seat. Their “perfect” life starts to fall apart and drastically. The three story lines, of the three family members are well designed and all three get the same amount of attention. And when these story lines collide, the brilliance of this film sparkles.

The movie has many turns in his plot and the ending makes this film a masterpiece.

AcademyAwards: In the year of 2000 this movie took the award for the best picture of the year! Beside this it was awarded the prize for best directing, best screenplay, best cinematography, and best actor in leading role: Kevin Spacey. It was also nominated in the category of best editing, best score and best actress in leading role: Annette Bening.

Rating: Wow, this was amazing… (and in a way a “must see” too)


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