Action | Adventure | Fantasy

Director: Rob Bowman

Writer: Mark Steven Johnson and Frank Miller

Music: Christophe Beck

Premier: 8 January 2005

Length: 96 minutes


Jennifer Garner Elektra

Goran Visnjic Mark Miller

Kirsten Prout Abby Miller

Will Yun Lee Kirigi

Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa Roshi

Terence Stamp Stick


Plot: An ancient warrior stands between Good and Evil, but these two want to get her for them selves.

Chit~Chat: As far as I can remember I always loved the comics of Marvel. More precisely the stories, because I haven’t read one Marvel comic in my life. I think the X-Men were my number one on the top list. Their way of making heroes with supernatural power inspired me. Elektra was the only one which I have never seen on the internet or in cartoons or anywhere. But when I heard about the movie I wanted to see it. Time passed and I forgot, but on monday I stumbled upon it and couldn’t let her stay unwatched anymore.

The character of Elektra is so very well played by Jennifer Garner that it actually carries the whole movie on her back. She is mysterious but direct, stone hard but kind. The other character (beside of Stick) are not such a big thing, but I think that in such a short time, so many characters cannot unfold.

The story isn’t too complicated, I would have liked a little more turns in it, but as an action movie, it’s great. The battles are beautiful and the evil side is almost as powerful as the good side. I don’t like it when in a movie one side is dominating, because then the victory of the other side is possible just with a “deus ex machina”.

Liked the outfit and the wind effects (although sometimes I would have liked to see more of her face, than her hair).

Rating: Good.


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