~ Rating.

I had some doubts about the rating system I’m using, so I changed it a bit. Here is the presentation of the new rating levels. Two bad categories and five good ones.


{the worst category}

It somehow went in a (very) wrong way.

{not the worst, but still bad}

Hmm… you can watch it one time…

{when it’s something ordinary}



Wow, this was amazing…

{the best categories}

Wow, this was amazing… Over and over!

{when the film is soo good, that it’s worth watching many times}


{this is the category for those film which had big effects on my life or my way of thinking, seeing things}

Hope it’s not too complicated. Sometimes I overcomplicate everything…

2 responses to “~ Rating.

  1. I hope you don’t mind me commenting here, but personally, I’d like if you could arrange your movies by rating, so that if someone is looking for recommendations, like me he/she could easily find your higher rated movies, even if their review wasn’t posted recently, rather than going trough all of your archive; which isn’t too long right now, but increases gradually;). If the suggestion should not have been made here, feel free to delete it.:)

    • Thank you! I’m happy for any kind of suggestion, everywhere. I think it’s a great idea. I will make 6 sub categories for each rating. Feel free to write more suggestions 🙂

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