Dorian Gray


Director: Oliver Parker

Writer: Toby Finlay and Oscar Wilde

Premier: 9 September 2009

Length: 112 minutes


Colin Firth Lord Henry Wotton

Ben Barnes Dorian Gray

Rachel Hurd-Wood Sybil Vane

Rebecca Hall Emily Wotton

Emilia Fox Lady Victoria Wotton

Ben Chaplin Basil Hallward


Plot: How much can your soul rot while your body remains immortal?

Chit~Chat: When I saw The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen I kind of sympathized with the character of Dorian Gray, because I liked his myth and his story. Although I haven’t seen much movies about this story I think the ideas of this movie look very original to me.

The visual world of the movie is extraordinary. The colors, the scenes, the pictures, even the materials of the clothes. I liked the way the director switched the scenes, those changes were so firm and beautiful. And the fact that they didn’t show us the picture after it was corrupted, which gave a big tension for the attic scenes. The portraying of the desires and its varieties were beautifully shown. In such a way that it’s not obscene, not fully-shown, mystical. It really makes you want to look.

The acting of these two amazing actors, Colin Firth and Ben Barnes, makes this movie a jewel. The only thing I didn’t like in the acting of Ben was his smile, which sometimes was a little weird. The acting of Colin Firth was overwhelming, he played with such a great tension.

The ending was a little too concrete, which dragged down the beauty of the story a little, but that can be forgiven.

Rating: Wow, this was amazing…


2 responses to “Dorian Gray

  1. I watched it last night, and all I can say is that I’m grateful for this blog. It was exactly what I was looking for: a dark mystery with at least one homicide in the Victorian era. Seriously, more movies should be made that have this kind of setting.

    Quote:”The ending was a little too concrete, which dragged down the beauty of the story a little, but that can be forgiven.”
    I consider it as an open-ending. The yellowish glowing eyes are proof for that. I have already started to ponder how one could continue the story (it would make a great tale). My only complaint is that we don’t see when and how Dorian gets fed up with his lifestyle and what leads to such realization.

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