Star Trek

Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi

Director: J.J. Abrams

Writer: Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman

Music: Michael Giacchino and Alexander Courage

Premier: 6 April 2009

Length: 127 minutes


Chris Pine James T. Kirk

Zachary Quinto Spock

Leonard Nimoy Spock Prime

Eric Bana Nero

Bruce Greenwood Christopher Pike

Karl Urban Dr. Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy

Zoe Saldana Nyota Uhura

Simon Pegg Montgomery ‘Scotty’ Scott

John Cho Hikaru Sulu

Anton Yelchin Pavel Chekov


Plot: A chronicle of the early days of James T. Kirk and his fellow USS Enterprise crew members. When they got together.

Chit~Chat: When I saw the first trailer of this movie I got very anxious, but through time I totally forgot about the film. I like these kind of films, stories, space adventures. I’m fan of the Star Wars series and i watched the Andromeda and Stargate too. The only thing I could recall about the world of Star Trek was the “beaming”, which by the way was very well made.

Firstly the main brick of the plot is very exciting, the time and space traveling, especially the time traveling. Because I didn’t know the world of Star Trek I can’t enjoy the jump back to the past as much as a fan could, but still… Anyhow i got such a great feeling from the movie, that right after the film I started to search for some space games…

The presentation of the characters, their construction and growing is so well made that at the end you really feel that you are part of a group, of the crew of the USS Enterprise. The characters are starting each with a little characteristic {like the accent of Chekov}, but throughout the film they get a whole form. I liked the way Kirks character was built up, for me it wasn’t the usual little-nasty-but-good-hero kind of character presentation. I think this paragraph depicts the quality of the acting.

The visual effects of the movie were great. I liked that they hold light into the camera many times, making this kind of beam effect. The spaceship was beautiful as were the surroundings.

This was the best adventure movie I’ve seen lately.

AcademyAwards: Won the oscar for makeup, and was also nominated for best sound, sound editing and visual effects.

Rating: Wow, this was amazing… Over and over!


2 responses to “Star Trek

  1. Quote:”I like these kind of film, stories, I mean space adventures”
    Seriously, go give LOGH a second chance. I’m rewatching the series and still love this old space opera with a lot of politics, strategies and twists to bits. The visual effects may be a little outdated (they’re 30 years old) but they still look fine. I haven’t seen the Star Trek movie, but I’m really sure that the characterisation in LOGH is superior (due to the series’ length at least). I’ll stop fangirling now, but I really hope you’ll reconsider watching it.

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