~ Categories and more

Because of a very useful suggestion from Timi, I put my movie reviews in 6 categories by their rating. Now you can more easily search for the best movies, if you are looking for recommendation

BTW, I still need you to give me some clicks at my poll, because starting from Monday I will have vacation, and I’ll convert my blog back to Hungarian if the stats stay as they are now. Which is not a bad thing, don’t get me wrong…

Thanx once more!


7 responses to “~ Categories and more

    • If it remains a draw? I don’t know… Maybe I’ll swich back. I liked to write in english, but I’m realizing bit by bit, that I can’t express myself properly… And actually I need to train my Hungarian writing too 😀

  1. Then I should take my vote back, because my opinion is that YOU should decide in the matter; the first and most important aspect would be reconsidering what role your blog serves and then I’m sure that you’ll find the answer;).

  2. nagyon jó ötlet ez a beosztás 😉 és igazán hasznos (most fedeztem fel,h a Moulin Rougeról is irtál…kedvencem…nagyon nagyon szeretem…hiszen “all you need is LOVE….LOVE is all you need” 😀 )

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